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Wiley’s Whirled Reception: A Celebration of Jim Webb

When: Friday, Dec 7 from 6pm – 8pm (Appalshop)

Join us for this special reception celebrating the life and legacy of Jim Webb, hosted by photographer and gallery artist Malcolm J. Wilson of Humans of Central Appalachia.

“Wiley’s Whirled…” will be on display in the Appalshop Gallery from Nov. 26 – Jan. 5.

Curator Malcolm Wilson’s statement on “Wiley’s Whirled…”:

To say that poet, artist and radio personality Jim Webb enjoyed life would be a tragic understatement.

Jim was the epitome of life and spent that lifetime collecting along its path – not only objects, but also a menagerie of creative people. Musicians, poets, painters, sculptors, magicians, dancers, environmentalists, writers, photographers, civic and community leaders were all part of Jim’s collection. His only rules were that he wouldn’t accept intolerance and that we should all be loving of mother earth. I am ecstatic that both I and my late wife, Jennifer Molley Wilson, were a part of his collection.

These photographs represent a smattering of the many people, places and things Jim treasured during his lifetime. The small, square photographs displayed here are from Jennifer’s work as a photographer. She, like Jim, loved to collect things, mostly using her amazingly quirky eye and the camera in her iPhone.

The larger, mostly black and white images were the things I collected, mostly portraits of those people that were a part of Jim’s world.

This exhibit wouldn’t be “Wiley’s Whirled…” without portraits of Wiley himself.

For those of you fortunate to be a part of Jim’s collection, I hope you enjoy the memories shared across these walls. For those of you viewing this exhibit who didn’t know Jim or the special world he created, I hope the work provides some insight into the amazing life of this amazing Central Appalachian icon.

Rest in peace, Wiley Quixote.

Appalshop Event – Webb Celebration

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