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Pathway to Fishing Pier

Currently, the established River Arts Greenway trail ends at the fishing pier behind City Hall. This simple project extends the trail from the pier, behind parallel parking spots (changed from existing pull-in spots), and to the boat ramp, where another section of trail is proposed

Stone Bridge

This beautiful stone bridge created by local artist Jeff Chapman-Crane allows Greenway users to cross a wide drainage ditch and access the Peace Garden and Community Gardens. Jeff used a dry stack method to create the bridge around a culvert. Atop the bridge is a

Boat Ramp Pathway

This little connector pathway offers Greenway users a cut through a patch of wildflowers away from the road. It would run from the top of the boat ramp to the lower ramp into the parking structure (leading to the mural) via a gentle incline. Wildflowers

Pedestrian Bridge

Concept rendering by Virginia Tech Description: Concept idea by:Cost: Labor:

Boardwalk Path

There are several sections along the River Arts Greenway planned route that cross natural drainage ditches, spots that are swampy during wet seasons, and sloping hillsides. These problem areas make it difficult or even impossible to build the Greenway with the crusher-run gravel mix used

Paved Trail

Paving the entire length of the River Arts Greenway increases the path’s accessibility and longevity, increasing the time it spends exposed to weather before eroding. Paving sections of the Greenway and using a boardwalk on others may provide a varied texture to the Greenway, while

Parking Structure Board Walk

The underutilized city parking structure sits right in the path of the River Arts Greenway and is full of potential! Made of concrete, the walls and ceilings are ready for painting. Half of the lowest level has dirt floor and is not accessible by car.

Rail-Side Trail

Concept rendering by Virginia Tech This rail-side trail takes advantage of the flat grade of the railroad and an existing low-use road to easily lengthen the River Art Greenway to run the length of the West side of the North Fork. Making the existing road

Parking Structure Mural

The parking structure mural was painted during a 5-hour community workday, bringing together over 30 people on a summer Sunday afternoon. In just one day, the crew of volunteers traced, outlined, and painted this colorful walk through a previously uninviting level of this underutilized parking