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Welcome to Hazard Sign

The old Welcome to Hazard sign had been looking a little shabby – so Pam Farrell, citizen extraordinaire, suggested we plant a garden! With a bright, mint green paint to match the shade of the summer kudzu and grass, the old brown sign was livened

Lovern Street Mural

Bailey Richards, downtown champion and local artist, designed this twist on the old Hazard city seal for a mural on the corner of Lovern and High Street. Just a block away from downtown, Bailey’s mural is beautiful to pass by on a walk to Bobby

Pantry Shelf Mural

Painted during Appalachian Arts Alliance’s first HazArt, this gorgeous mural covers Memorial Street from the corner of Pantry Shelf to the Broadway Bridge. The design for this bright, colorful forest was created by local artist Charles Boggs, which 7 volunteers helped paint in one day!

Stone Bridge

This beautiful stone bridge created by local artist Jeff Chapman-Crane allows Greenway users to cross a wide drainage ditch and access the Peace Garden and Community Gardens. Jeff used a dry stack method to create the bridge around a culvert. Atop the bridge is a

Pollinator Garden

Pollinator gardens provide nectar-bearing flowers important for a healthy pollinator home. Pollinators are crucial to our food system, so giving them food and shelter benefits all of us – and can be beautiful! This perennial pollinator garden doubles as an herb garden, as the majority

Catfish Sculpture

This underwater scene sculpture was the winner of the first ever Hazard Welding Rodeo. Depicting a Kentucky catfish and a secret crawdad, this sculpture was created by Team “Weld Er Up” of Big Sandy Community and Technical College in Prestonsburg. The Welding Rodeo, inspired by

Playground Tortoise

This sculpture was created by Team “The Fighting Mongooses” of Hazard at the first ever Hazard Welding Rodeo. Winner of the People’s Choice Award, this sturdy tortoise was designed to invite kids to scramble on it! The Welding Rodeo, inspired by the Bellingham, WA event,


Little, affordable projects created by volunteers and community members transform this space over time, making it a true community park(let)! The parklet features planters created from recycled hot water heaters and picnic tables where anyone can take a seat and watch the basketball games. Hot

Paddlecraft Ramp

County Judge Executive Scott Alexander and Perry County Fiscal Court installed this paddlecraft ramp to let people access the North Fork of the Kentucky River below the low-head dam, complementing the above-dam ramp, accessible to paddlecraft and motorized craft. The North Fork is a beautiful

Boat Ramp

This single-lane concrete boat ramp provides access to the North Fork of the Kentucky river above the low-head dam for paddlecraft and motorized watercraft. Concept idea by: City of Hazard Cost: Built with Sport Fish Restoration Funds by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources