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Across the Road Exhibit Reception

Across the Road – the Tail of Two Species by Heather Branch Owens Which came first? The CHICKEN or the POSSUM ? You may find the answer to this question or you may walk away with even more questions after viewing this fantastical display of

My Yestedays Exhibit Reception

My Yesterdays A Collection of Nostalgic Paintings by Angelia Doderer Angelia paints vintage objects, time worn, from days gone by, that whisper memories of the past. She lives in a cabin in the hills of Johnson County with her husband. She has 6 children and

Charles Parker Boggs

Mountains Mysteries Memories Exhibit Reception

Join us for an exhibit reception of Charles Parker Boggs’ artwork! Refreshments will be provided. Exhibit Dates: January – March 2018 Reception Date: Thursday, February 15, 2018, 6pm at the Appalachian Artisan Center Other Area Events: Led Zeppelin 2 – Feb 15 HAM Radio Tech

Arts Alliance

Smithsonian Hometown Teams Exhibit Tailgate Reception

Tailgate reception to mark the opening of the Smithsonain Hometown Teams exhibit exploring how sports has shaped our nation. Also on display are collections of sports memorabillia from local sports teams such as Hazard, MCNapier, Carr Creek, Buckhorn, Leslie and Knott Counties. Local sports historians

Artisan Center

The Art of Marcus Kincer – Exhibit Reception

Join us at Marcus Kincer’s exhibition reception for refreshments, music, and incredible artwork, ranging in style from the realistic to the abstract. Marcus’s work is bold and beautiful, an eclectic view of the world through the eyes of a dreamer. When: Thursday, May 18th at

Artisan Center

Portrait of Appalachia Art Exhibition

Jeff Chapman-Crane’s art transcends stereotype to create an image of Appalachia so real, that you’ll have to see it to believe it. See these masterful portrayals of Appalachia, as one of its own experiences it. When: April 6th @ 6pm – 7pm Where: Appalachian Artisan