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Pollinator Garden

This image courtesy of Cooperative Extension’s Master Gardener program. More information on this particularl pollinator garden and the source of this image can be found at:

Pollinator gardens provide nectar-bearing flowers important for a healthy pollinator home. Pollinators are crucial to our food system, so giving them food and shelter benefits all of us – and can be beautiful! This perennial pollinator garden doubles as an herb garden, as the majority of the plants can be used for cooking or even herbal medicine.

Mae Humiston led a team of volunteer gardeners throughout the summer of 2018 to plant the herbs and flowers that we should see emerge soon – keep your eyes peeled this spring, and feel free to snag the basil, chives, rosemary, and other herbs growing in the garden!

If you’d like to help with this project and want to find out when volunteer groups will be in the garden, follow the Pathfinders facebook to stay up to date on their volunteer opportunities.

Concept idea: Mae Humiston

Cost: $0 – $200
The goal of this garden is to use compost, mulch, and plants donated when people are doing their spring gardening – either plants that have been divided or extra seedlings someone doesn’t have space for. Additional plants may be purchased if funds permit.

Labor: 40 hours
-1 hour per plant to identify source, divide, and transport: 22 plants x 1 hour each = 22 hours
-1/2 hour per plant to arrange and plant: 22 plants x 1/2 hour each = 11 hours
-1 hour per week watering until established: 1 hour per week for 7 weeks = 7 hours

This image was taken from where more information on herb gardens can be found.

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