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Pathway to Fishing Pier

Concept rendering by Morgan Kirk

Currently, the established River Arts Greenway trail ends at the fishing pier behind City Hall. This simple project extends the trail from the pier, behind parallel parking spots (changed from existing pull-in spots), and to the boat ramp, where another section of trail is proposed to connect to the parking structure.

Here, a paint job can cheaply outline the path and can someday be upgraded to stamped asphalt. The road the path borders is a low-traffic road most of the day, and so the outlined path would be more of a visual connector for sections of the Greenway than something needed to keep people safe.

Concept idea: Morgan Kirk and Frank Morris

Cost: $0

-Paint: can be donated

Labor: 4 hours

-Repainting parking spots: 2 hours

-Painting path outline: 2 hours

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