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North Fork Music Festival – COVID-19 Guidelines

North Fork Music Festival official Covid-19 plan:

• To allow for maximum space between people, the festival has been moved to the Triangle.
• In accordance with the state mask mandate, everyone will be required to wear a mask, with the only exception of while you are seated AND eating and drinking. If you are standing you will be required to wear a mask.
• We will be selling picnic tables that can seat a maximum of 8 people for $25 per night. If you purchase a table you will be required to put the marker we give you on that table and ensure only the people you came with are seated there.
• Anyone who does not wish to purchase a table will be asked to bring chairs or a blanket to designate your space.
• All tables and other designated spaces for attendees must be separated by at least 6 feet.
• We will have food and drink vendors at the event. These vendors will be located around the Triangle with a good distance between them. X will mark 6 feet of distance between those in line to order. We ask that you please wait till you are seated to eat or drink.
• We will have potable bathrooms available but you will be required to wear a mask, clean your hands, and spray the bathroom before and after use with available disinfectant.

We want to continue to have events and life in our downtown while keeping everyone safe and healthy. Please help us by following these guidelines.

The Festival is planned for July 24th and 25th

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