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About – Make It Hazard

Make It Hazard is a public tool to develop and organize imagined projects and highlight existing work for transforming Hazard, Kentucky. Make It Hazard is a tool for anyone and everyone in Perry County to put ideas for their community into action!

You can pitch a projectcheck out the work folks are already leading around town, and provide feedback on proposed or ongoing projects on any existing posts. And if you want to get involved, send us a message!

This site displays proposed projects, and completed or in-process projects around downtown Hazard initiated by local community groups: Pathfinders of Perry County, InVision Hazard, and Appalachian Arts Alliance. Your proposed ideas can be finished with the staff and volunteers of any of these organizations.

Pathfinders of Perry County serves local youth through environmental work and education. Pathfinders has led development of the River Arts Greenway Project, a walking and biking trail running next to the North Fork of the Kentucky river, which flows past downtown.

InVision Hazard is a community action group bringing together the public, non-profit, civic and government entities to address the needs of downtown Hazard through a grassroots, community-led process.

Appalachian Arts Alliance promotes local arts and creative expression through arts education programming and multi-media public arts. 

If you have an idea to add, submit it here!

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