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July Trail Day – RRGCC

Red River Gorge

When: Saturday, July 28th from 10am – 3pm – Meet at Koops Storage
Red River Gorge Trail Maintenance!
Did you have so much fun at JATD that you are yearning for more? Didja miss JATD and want in on the action? Well, we’ve got you covered! Some of the JATD projects were designed to be a multi-day affair, and we want the fling to keep going! We are planning on doing some construction, so wear those close toed shoes, and bring a travel pillow or sweatshirt or other soft material for moving the wood we hauled out, and of course loads of snacks and fluids to power you through the day…

Gorge Event – Trail Maintenance

Sponsor - KFB

Sponsor - CTBI

Sponsor - Sykes

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