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International Appalachians Festival

A Seat at the Table

Celebrate the diverse cultures that make up our region! Visit booths hosted by local families to learn about different nationalities, religions, ethnicities, and folkways! Drop in or call Jenny Williams 606-487-3210 to schedule school or other groups. If you’d like to volunteer to set up a booth highlighting YOUR culture, contact us! We’d love to have you! And be sure to check out the evening Cornbread &Tortillas Performance and Dinner!!! Tickets for the evening are limited, so contact us now!

When: Friday, September 8 from 9am – 1pm.

Other Weekend Events:
Cornbread & Tortillas – Sep 8
Camp Fire Tools Workshop – Sep 8
Little Free Library Tour – Sep 9
LexCon Swaptember – Sep 9
Tackett Softball Tourney – Sep 9 & 10
Mtn. Heritage Festival 5k/10k – Sep 9
Greenway Cleanup – Sep 10

Hazard Event – International Appalachians Festival

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