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Game Night – November 2018

When: Wednesday, Nov 21st from 6pm – 10pm (Jabo’s)

It’s been a long time. If you want to terraform Mars, or prevent a pandemic, or even do community development in Hazard (hint, hint) – this is the time.

Hazard Event – Games!

Other Things To Do:
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Bargain Hunting and Savvy Seller - Apr 18
eKAMI CNC Recruitment - Apr 18
Perry Co Farmers Mkt - Pop Up - Apr 18
A Seat at the Table - Apr 19
Hazard Ind. Kindergarten Reg - Apr 19
Alfombras - Community Art - Apr 19
Save A Life Tour - Apr 19
Register for HCTC Summer Classes

Sponsor - CTBI

Sponsor - Primary Care Centers of East Kentucky

Sponsor - SYKES

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