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An Evening wtih Bret Michaels (The Forum)

Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels and Band appear in Hazard at the Forum on Sunday, October 1 from 7pm – 11pm! 

Call the Box Office at 606-434-8648 for all ticket info! Ask about our Box office to Home ticket delivery within the County limits.

In the early 1980s, Michaels started playing in a band with longtime friend and drummer Rikki Rockett. The two later joined forces with bassist Bobby Dall and guitarist Matt Smith to form the band Paris. After playing mostly local gigs in the Pittsburgh area, the band moved to Los Angeles. Not long after their arrival, Smith was replaced by C. C. DeVille, and the band changed its name to Poison. Like some of the other LA metal bands of the time, Michaels and the rest of the group teased their hair, went heavy on the make-up, and worn outlandish outfits, which led critics to label such groups as hair metal bands. They were sometimes compared to Mötley Crüe, another up-and-coming LA metal band.
After making the rounds on the LA club scene, Poison landed a contract with Enigma Records. Their first album, Look What the Cat Dragged In, was released in 1986. Not only was Michaels the group’s leader singer, but he also worked with the other members to write all of the songs for the recording. The recording nearly reached the top of the album charts the next year, driven such hits as “Talk Dirty to Me.” The group then went on tour with Ratt, Cinderella, and Quiet Riot.
While critics derided them for being formulaic and derivative, Poison developed a devoted following who loved their pop-infused metal sound and glam rock looks. Their second album, Open Up and Say . . . Ahh! (1988) was an even bigger smash. The infectious party anthem “Nothin’ But a Good Time broke into the top ten while the ballad “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” made it all the way to the top of the pop charts. On the road, Poison soon moved up from supporting other groups to being the main act.
The follow-up album, Flesh and Blood (1990), also did well on the album charts and featured the hit “Unskinny Bop” and the power ballad “Something to Believe In.” But the group’s success was not free of strife and difficulty. Michaels got into a few legal scrapes over a few brawls he was involved with. There was also turmoil within the group. In 1991, Michaels got into an altercation with DeVille backstage at the MTV Music Video Awards, and DeVille was later fired from the band.
As popular music tastes changed in the 1990s, Poison began to lose some of its audience. Their next recording, 1993’s Native Tongue, did not fare as well as their earlier albums. With new member Richie Kotzen aboard, the group wrote all of the songs for the album, but only one struck a cord with music fans, the up-tempo power ballad “Stand.” Kotzen was later fired and replaced by Blues Saraceno.

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Hazard Event – Bret Michaels!

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