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Alfombras de Semana Santa

For the past two years on Good Friday, community members have joined with Hazard High School Spanish students to make “alfombras” along the River Arts Greenway. Alfombras de Semana Santa are colorful carpets made from colored sawdust, sand, and other organic materials. They are typically

Art Station Planters

Concept rendering by Morgan Kirk The River Arts Greenway path currently runs in front of the future Arts Station. At some point, a bridge from the Parking Structure may lead Greenway users behind the Arts Station, but for now, this route allows people to continue

Rail-Side Trail

Concept rendering by Virginia Tech This rail-side trail takes advantage of the flat grade of the railroad and an existing low-use road to easily lengthen the River Art Greenway to run the length of the West side of the North Fork. Making the existing road

Snapping Turtle Sculpture

This snapping turtle was created by Team “The General Lees” of Hazard Community and Technical College at the first ever Hazard Welding Rodeo. The Welding Rodeo, inspired by the Bellingham, WA event, was a 1-day, 8-hour welding competition to create sculptures from scrap metal. The

Parking Structure Mural

The parking structure mural was painted during a 5-hour community workday, bringing together over 30 people on a summer Sunday afternoon. In just one day, the crew of volunteers traced, outlined, and painted this colorful walk through a previously uninviting level of this underutilized parking