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Catfish Sculpture

This underwater scene sculpture was the winner of the first ever Hazard Welding Rodeo. Depicting a Kentucky catfish and a secret crawdad, this sculpture was created by Team “Weld Er Up” of Big Sandy Community and Technical College in Prestonsburg. The Welding Rodeo, inspired by

Kudzu Fence

There is a LOT of kudzu in Hazard. Mostly it’s looked upon as a nuisance or an eyesore. But what if we can put it to use? As a super renewable resource, there is an abundance of vines ripe for all sorts of arts and

Mediterranean Garden

The back side of Hazard City Hall is currently a fairly unengaging rocky hillside. This Mediterranean garden concept takes advantage of the natural slope of the space to display tiers of hardy and pollinator-friendly plants. Careful selection of plants with consideration to care needs and

Outdoor Movies

This area could easily become a place to enjoy movies in the evening during three possible seasons! We would need a projector screen, projector, speakers, and extension cords. It would be awesome to work with local organizations to create short stories to share at an

Parking Structure Party

Every spring, the top of Hazard’s parking structure turns into an Eastern Kentucky beer garden to celebrate Hazard’s birthday. Complete with food, beverages, live music, and activities for the kids, the Hazard Founder’s Day party represents the city at its best and most creative. Concept

Smith Building Mural and Greenway Gate

At the south end of the River Arts Greenway, a mural and gateway would welcome people to Hazard and onto the Greenway. The building that would feature a mural, the Smith Building, is owned by the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky, and its purchase was a

Playground Tortoise

This sculpture was created by Team “The Fighting Mongooses” of Hazard at the first ever Hazard Welding Rodeo. Winner of the People’s Choice Award, this sturdy tortoise was designed to invite kids to scramble on it! The Welding Rodeo, inspired by the Bellingham, WA event,


Little, affordable projects created by volunteers and community members transform this space over time, making it a true community park(let)! The parklet features planters created from recycled hot water heaters and picnic tables where anyone can take a seat and watch the basketball games. Hot

Paddlecraft Ramp

County Judge Executive Scott Alexander and Perry County Fiscal Court installed this paddlecraft ramp to let people access the North Fork of the Kentucky River below the low-head dam, complementing the above-dam ramp, accessible to paddlecraft and motorized craft. The North Fork is a beautiful

Pedestrian Bridge

Concept rendering by Virginia Tech Description: Concept idea by:Cost: Labor: