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From Appalshop:

We’re looking for our next Lead Organizer for Performing Our Future. Work through culture to build power and wealth in rural and urban communities with a shared history of resistance to economic exploitation. Your work will be to bring to life a reality in which we own what we make.

We’re looking for our next Institutional Development Director. Set strategy to keep Appalshop’s work sustainable and impactful. Be the face of Appalshop in a variety of settings as we pilot our next 50 years in the mountains we call home.

Working at Appalshop means being part of a storied organization with its roots in the War on Poverty still documenting and revitalizing Appalachia today.

We tell stories that commercial industries don’t tell. We challenge stereotypes with Appalachian voices. And we do it all with artists who are from and committed to this region. Join us!

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