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Hometown Sweetheart Pageant @ Quality Inn
Feb 22 @ 3:00 pm

Welcome to our first Valentines Pageant!!! Entry fee is $85 (40 deposit ‪due by February 7th) plus we are offering supreme awards for an additional 15$ per child. This is your top three scores of the day. Including Grand Supreme, High Point Supreme, and your Personality Supreme! These winners will receive a beautiful round miss America type crown and beautiful embroidered sash!

Female and Male Categories with Beauty/Formal and Anything valentines themed wear!

All Contestants will receive crown, sash, 2 ft trophy, and gift/goody bag!!!

Each age group will have a supreme queen, supreme king, queen, king, princess, prince, & runner-ups

Each age group will have their own side awards: Best Valentines wear, Best Personality, Best Hair, Most beautiful/handsome, and photogenic. Each winner will receive a medal!!

Overall awards include: Overall best Valentines wear, Overall best personality, overal most beautiful/handsome, overall most photogenic! These winners will receive a beautiful silver custom plate!!

Please bring in photo the day of pageant for judges 5×7 or 8×10

Age groups: 0-11 months, 12-23 months, 2-3 years old, 4-5 years old, 6 to 8 years old, 9 to 11 years old, 12 -15 years old, 16 to 18 years old
We do have right to combine age groups if not enough contestants in age group. Please no bad sportsmanship or bad drama tolerated.
Admission for pageant $5 per person contestants are free!!!
Concessions will be available
We also have sibling discounts available too! Just message us for details! Can’t wait to see all our cuties and God bless!
Please remember Home Town Cuties are not responsible for any stolen items or accidents during to and from the pageant. Also once deposit is paid no refunds will be issued. Thank you for all your support and may God bless you and you’re family 😊

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Sponsor - CTBI