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8th Annual Run for the Hills 5K Race

From August 1 – October 31, the Run for the Hills Nonprofit Partners host events and raise funds as part of the Charity Challenge campaign. The Foundation works with local Charity Challengers to match these donations, in order to build permanent endowments for these organizations. These endowments increase our community’s capacity to do great work, both now and in the future.

Then, the community comes together on October 6 at 10am – 11:30am to celebrate with a 5K run/walk through the heart of our community.

Since 2011, The Run for the Hills Charity Challenge campaign has put over $1,000,000 of local money back into local organizations that do critical work in our community.

Other Things To Do:
PCC – Little Mermaid – Oct 4
Understanding & Engaging Poverty – Oct 4
Fall Arts Weekend – Oct 5
KRZ Halloween Ssssspooktacular! – Oct 6
Kudzu Killers – Jabo’s – Oct 6
Charity Yard Sale – Oct 6
Whitesburg Ghost Walk – Oct 6,13,20,27
HCTC 8 Week Classes Begin – Oct 8
Drone Test Prep Class – Oct 8,11
Social Dance Classes – Oct 9
Preston Court Days – Oct 11-15
Blackey Day – Oct 12-13
Street Bike Freestyle Championship – Oct 12-14

Hazard Event – Run for the Hills

Sponsor - Primary Care Centers of Eastern Kentucky

Sponsor - Sykes

Sponsor - CTBI

Sponsor - KFB


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