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Wilderness Wanderings ’18

When: Sep 10 – Oct 4

Wilderness Wanderings is a one-day creation-based science field trip hosted by Camp Nathanael!

Any public, private or home school interested is welcome to attend during any day of our four-week program. Please note that registration is required.

This year our program is entitled: OUR POWER PACKED EARTH: Featuring the Scientific Method! Every session will be hands-on! Your students will sluice for minerals, study the workings of our soil for gardening, crawl through a ‘coal mine’ and try their hand at using the Scientific Method to adequately solve a problem through experimentation. Our goal is to advance what you are already doing in your classroom by reinforcing various scientific disciplines including Science, Agriculture, Geology and the Arts through Drama.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call Rick & Cathy Franklin at 630.470.0425 or email them at

Other Things To Do:
Elk Night – Sep 8
HazArt Block Party – Sep 8
LEXCon Swaptember – Sep 8
Red Bull Soapbox – Sep 8
DJ Kenny Combs – Jabo’s – Sep 8
House Raising – Sep 10 – Oct 19
Community Band Rehearsal – Sep 10
HCTC Radio Day – Sep 13
Painting and Jesus – Sep 15
Scott Allen – Jabo’s – Sep 15
Leroy Martin 5K – Sep 15

Hazard Event – Wilderness Wanderings

Sponsor - Sykes

Sponsor - KFB

Sponsor - CTBI

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