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Sustainable Climbing Workshop – Breaks Interstate Park

Rock climbing is making its way up to the top in terms of adventure here at the park! We opened rock climbing access points throughout the park in our 2016 season and we are so excited to see that activity continue to grow! From Saturday & Sunday, April 14-15, the park will be hosting the location for Access Fund‘s Sustainable Climbing Workshop! The workshop will “provide an opportunity to meet and connect as a broad group of climbing stakeholders, explore the upsides and challenges of managing climbing, and take a deeper dive into topics such as climbing’s economic benefits, wildlife and cliff ecology, fixed anchor replacement, stewardship, trails, and more.” There will be guest speakers who will give amazing insight on the different aspects of rock climbing! The workshop is not solely for climbers. Even if you are a non-climber but are interested in gaining some knowledge about rock climbing, networking, and meeting new people then sign up! We really think this will be a great opportunity for anyone and everyone! Registration is $20 and will include food for the entire weekend. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this amazing opportunity, you can register at the event’s link here:…. Thank you!

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Breaks Park Event – Climbing Workshop

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