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Southern Appalachian Writers Cooperative – Submission Deadline


From SAWC’s PMS&G Link:

Volume 20 will use the theme of Appalachia: Stay or Go? This theme was recommended to us by Southern Appalachian Writers Cooperative writers watching their friends, neighbors and family members struggle with this question. Many writers within our community were once part of the Great Migration from Appalachia in the mid-twentieth century and have written (or may choose now to write) about their own or their family’s choice to leave the region. Others are facing similar decisions now. And since we’ll be presenting Volume 20 at the 2018 Appalachian Studies Conference in Cincinnati, with its theme of “Re-stitching the Seams: Appalachia Beyond Its Borders,” the subject seems especially apt. But as always, we at Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel like to take a fairly broad approach to our themes—what else might be the subject of a “stay or go” decision? (Jobs, relationships, parties, churches, social groups, schools….) Unpublished work is preferred, but we aren’t sticklers. Send us your best writing exploring Appalachia: Stay or Go?

Deadline: April 15th

Here’s the main link:

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