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Pitch In for the Hills – Trash pick-up pledge drive

Pledge at:

Redbud Financial Alternatives is cleaning up in our community – and we want your help!

Pitch In For The Hills is a pledge-per-bag fundraiser: the more we clean up, the more we raise!

How it works:
1. Between August 1 and August 18, Supporter submits his/her pledge (for this example, let’s say $.10) per grocery bag of trash picked up by the Redbud Pitch In Crew – a crew of volunteers ready to clean up!

2. The Pitch In Crew meets on Saturday, August 18 to pick up trash around Perry County from 9am-12pm. Over the course of the three hours, the crew picks up 100 bags and reports the number to everyone who pledged. For Supporter, $.10 x 100 = $10. So Supporter donates $10.

3. At the end of the day, Supporter has donated in support of an organization that is helping everyday people get on top of their debts AND is enjoying a cleaner, healthier community.

How you can Pitch In:
• Pledge and donate! Go to the website linked above to pledge online
• Stop by the Redbud office 9am-5pm or talk to a Redbud board member to fill out a paper pledge
• Call Redbud to make a pledge over the phone
• Ask your local businesses or employer to become a corporate match
• Join the Pitch In crew on August 18! Message us for details!
• Share the Facebook event!

This is part of Perry County Community Foundation‘s Run for the Hills Charity Challenge. Learn more at

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Sponsor - KFB

Sponsor - Sykes

Sponsor - CTBI


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