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In August 2016 the Kiwanis Club of Hazard, KY had a  24ft box trailer stolen which contained the club’s Soap Box Derby Cars and all the tools, scales, timekeeping equipment, and other materials necessary to conduct their annual Soap Box Derby Race held each spring.  Although the trailer was eventually recovered a few weeks later, with the Soap Box Cars still inside, it was not before the thieves had wrecked the trailer causing substantial damage to the front and ripping some of the supports off the walls which held the 16 cars inside.  The cars, valued at around $600 each, were dumped into the middle of the trailer causing cracked shells, bent axles, and broken cables.  A set of go-kart scales, valued at $1,200, are now inoperable and several items were stolen.  Although we feel fortunate that the trailer was returned and the cars were not stolen, the expense necessary to repair the trailer, replace the scales, and restore the cars is not in our small club’s budget.  In addition, fundraising for our annual Soap Box Derby race has been down drastically over the past few years because of an economy reeling from the downturn in our largest industry, coal, and our race has suffered because we have been unable to have cars for all those youth interested in driving in the Derby.  The Kiwanis Club of Hazard is asking for your help in funding the additional expense to recover from this incident as well as to purchase some new cars for expanding our race.  We are seeking $10,200 to pay for the following items:

Repair of 24′ box trailer                                                  $1,500
Set of go-kart scales                                                          $1,200
Damaged SBD Cars-Parts Replacements            $3,500
5 new SBD cars                                                                    $3,000
Replace stolen items (sawhorses & tools)            $1,000

The Hazard Kiwanis Club has operated the local Soap Box Derby Race each spring for the past 18 years with a total of over 450 young people participating.  The two champion racers from Hazard (one from each of two divisions) goes on to compete in the All American Soap Box Derby Race in Akron, Ohio each summer with Kiwanis paying a good portion of the families’ expenses.   The Hazard Soap Box Derby is an event that has positively touched many families in Perry County and surrounding counties.   Many of the young people who participate in the Soap Box Derby Race are underprivileged and pay nothing to participate.  Those advancing on to Akron are sometimes young people who have very few opportunities to travel outside this area and have lasting memories from their experiences.  This is a great community event.

The Kiwanis Club of Hazard will be greatly appreciative of all donors and donations.  You will help us continue this annual piece of “Americana”  With the proper contact information, all donors will get notification and an invitation to the Soap Box Derby race in Hazard which usually takes place mid-late April.  You will also be sent pictures of the youngsters participating in the event with a thank you note.

Thanks for considering this request!!
Kiwanis Club of Hazard

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