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Kaleb Maggard Benefit Auction

When: Saturday, March 10 from 7pm -9pm at the Avawam Volunteer Fire Dept.

Kaleb’s story: On October 21, 2017, Kaleb’s world was turned upside down. Kaleb’s mother had taken Kaleb to his primary physician’s office for a follow-up visit after the bronchitis he was diagnosed with on October 15, 2017, was not getting better. It was suspected Kaleb’s bronchitis had turned into pneumonia, however, the chest x-ray proved to be abnormal. Kaleb’s mother was ordered to take Kaleb to ARH’s emergency room for a CT scan. After waiting many hours, our family was told he had a mass in his chest the size of the on-call physician’s hand. He was then transferred by ambulance from Hazard, KY, to UK Children’s Hospital in Lexington, KY, for what would be a longer than expected visit, that would CHANGE Kaleb’s life. Finally, after a week of extensive and some torturous testing, including a biopsy of his chest and bone marrow, we finally had a diagnosis. Cancer. On Thursday October 26th 2017, 13 year old Kaleb, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma (Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma). The diagnosis came as a shock to Kaleb and his family. He would stay in the hospital another 5 days for Chemotherapy and treatment before his parents were able to bring him back home. Instead of enjoying his 8th grade school year with his friends, he faced months of traveling from Hazard to Lexington Kentucky for cancer treatment. Unfortunately, with long hospital stays, expensive treatment, and medication the bills pile up quickly. Kaleb has shown great strength throughout his treatment. He has completed several spinal tap chemos without sedation and been so brave. His mother is now on part-time status at her job so that she can be available to take Kaleb back and forth for testing and treatment and care for him the way he needs to be. No family should ever have to go through this. We are grateful for any support you can provide and for the continued prayers for Kaleb and our family!

Hazard Event – Benefit Auction

Sponsor - Sykes

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