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Evilution of Terror – Haunted House

Haunted House

Evilution of Terror is a Halloween event intended to thrill you, SCARE you, and give you nightmares for the rest of your life. If you chicken out easy, this event is not for you. But if you’re brave enough to walk through our funhouse, come on in!

October 12th – November 4th
7pm – 9pm Thursdays $5/person
7pm – 10pm Fridays and Saturdays $10/person

 For years, the people living in Hazard, KY have claimed to hear screams and loud, unexplainable noises coming from the old Perry County Jail. Trouble is, the old jail has been closed and is no longer used, meaning that no human being moves within its walls.

But in early October 2017, a mysterious company called HDM Corps claimed to have been using the facility to conduct scientific experiments on volunteer test subjects, who turned out to be hardened criminals from nearby penitentiaries. Now, the Underwood Adjustment Center (the name it has given to the facility) is opening its doors to the public, inviting them to come see the fruits of their labor.

If you dare to enter, you will see a strange world, full of the things that haunt your dreams when everything in life goes terribly wrong. This is an upside down world, an underworld, an unbelievably cursed world, where creatures you’ve never imagined exist and half-human, half-something awful beings roam the dark halls and cages.

Will you escape? Can you make it to the end? Or will you be trapped inside forever, an unwilling participant in an experiment that has only one outcome: DOOM!

Come see what all we have in store for you. WE DARE YOU.

Link and more info form the FaceBook page!

**We will be posting some event guidelines soon, so be sure to make yourself aware of those. When you arrive at the event, you will be given a paper copy to review and sign. Remember that you’re forbidden from touching any of the actors inside the facility. They will not touch you, but some incidental contact may occur. We reserve the right to remove any individual deemed to be disruptive or in any way antagonistic to the spirit of the event. If you get too scared and have to exit the event any time prior to its completion, we will consider it a job well done.

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Hazard Event – Haunted House: Evilution of Terror

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