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Aerial Photography and Videography

When: Friday, Nov 16th from 5pm-9pm (HCTC Campus)

Learn techniques, settings and tips from a professional photographer and Licensed Remote Pilot.  Cost of the class is $100.

Please pre-register now with Sandy Campbell at or 606.487.3632.

Hazard Event – Drone Photos and Videos

Other Things To Do:
New Year, New Career at SYKES – Jan 7-10
Oh Deer, I’m So Fawned Of You  – Jan 10
AMW-TV: Miller Family Fun Center – Jan 11
Snowman Bucket class – Jan 12
Clay Jamerson – Live at Jabo’s – Jan 12
Arts Fellowships (Deadline) – Jan 15
Barrel Head Painting Class – Jan 17
Business 101 Workshop – Feb 26

Sponsor - CTBI

Sponsor - KFB

Sponsor - Primary Care Centers of Eastern Kentucky


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