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Forest Farming Workshop @ TBA
Jun 1 all-day

Per Brandon Marcus Stidham

*Attention WORKSHOP* We are planning on a forest farming workshop in Hazard, Ky. on the first Saturday in June! This will be an 8 hour class with lunch and drinks provided. If we can get 40 students, we’ll charge a $35 admission to cover costs for the teachers. Any money left over can be used for seed giveaways in the fall. The date may change but I’m looking to see how many may want to attend! The agenda will include growing ginseng from seed, growing goldenseal, value added products like tinctures, balms and salves, edible forest herbs and possibly marketing your products. Any further questions PM me or Marcus Stidham

Hazard Event – Forest Farming

Sponsor - CTBI

Sponsor - Primary Care Centers of Eastern Kentucky