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Building Operator Certification Training @ MACED
Sep 6 all-day

Optimize your building performance with Building Operator Certification

Running a building isn’t the job it used to be, and investing in technology isn’t enough. A well-trained facilities staff makes the difference in running building operations more efficiently, saving energy and money.

The Building Operator Certification (BOC) is a nationally recognized program focusing on energy-efficient building operations and preventive maintenance procedures. The program will train facility personnel to understand how their building systems work together, and how to bring them to their most efficient level of operation. BOC provides access to the latest information, a network of peers and resources, and the tools needed to excel in energy conservation efforts. With its national accreditation and broad network, the BOC credential is recognized by employers across the country as a sign of the value and contributions certified facilities management personnel can bring to their organizations.

The KY Pollution Prevention Center and the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance have collaborated to bring the BOC program to Kentucky through funding by the KY Energy and Environment Cabinet and partnership with MACED.

Topics covered include:
• Efficient Lighting Fundamentals
• Indoor Environmental Quality
• Common Opportunities for Low-Cost Operational Improvement
• Facility Electrical Systems
• Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting Principles
• Advanced Electrical Diagnostics
• HVAC Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Controls and Optimization
• Motors in Facilities
• Building Commissioning
• ..And More

For more information on BOC, visit: and

For questions, please contact Rachel Norton with MACED at (859) 671-0241 or

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Sponsor - Primary Care Centers of Eastern Kentucky

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